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March 4th, 2009

08:38 pm - incredible facial hair
I was flying home from San Francisco after my Tag Team match for Ultimate Surrender...more on that later...

It was about 9am Saturday morning at the Oakland airport. I had a pretty full flight. I was waiting for them to let us board when I saw them. At first I thought I was in some insect farm and this guy was a butterfly wrangler and then I realized that the things crawling on this forehead were not insect nor butterflies. They were his actual eyebrows. I quickly texted 3 of my closes friends with a description mentioning that they stuff of his head about 2 inches. Then I realized that NO ONE is going to believe me...I had to take a picture for evidence. I pretended to "text' on my phone as I snuck up behind the gentleman and snapped a picture using my phone.

So here it is folks without furth ado...THE MOST INCREDIBLE EYEBROW EVERY SEEN BY MANKIND:


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February 21st, 2009

09:44 pm - new blog
I haven't posted on here in a while so I know this probably looks like a bastardly way to self advertise but I have a new blog that I post to regularly so if any of you wanna keep in touch and see what I'm up to, please check it out


I'll be posting on here more I missed everyone :)

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August 28th, 2008

10:39 pm - eff me
I'm so effing sore from wrestling Dia Zerva the other day. she pretty much kicked my ass. My boyfriend got me a year membership to an MMA studio so I can whoop some ass next season. I will rule the world.
seriously that was so great of him to get me a year membership to that place..it's not cheap and it was sooooooooo thoughful seeing how he would see how much I loved wrestling the ladies.

in other new. my store is having a Huge labor day sale don't miss out click the banner to get your discount!!!!!!!

hmmm what else. I made a vlog the other day...first time in years. My camcoder broke and silly ole me was just to cheap to go out and buy a new one. I wasn't getting a lot of feed back from the vlogs until recently...now they seem to be popular on the likes of youtube and all that shit.
okay well signing out for now.

Ariel X

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July 21st, 2008

08:36 pm - ranting of a crazy lady
There isn't a day that goes by that doesn't involve something that bothers me. I try to always stay positive and see the silver lining of every cloud but there are just some things that are so ridiculous that I have to put my 2 cents in.

1.....DAD...stop walking around the house in your underwear. you didn't start doing this until a week ago so why did you wait 68 years to do it now...nobody wants to see you in that shit...get some comfortable shorts and walk around in clothes like everyone else

2....Payless....stop trying to market your "sale" as buy one get the second pair 1/2 off...it's not a sale if you have that deal going on year round. Sales end.

3....Homelss people...stop asking me for money I paid my dues to 1 homeless person and I refuse to help any more of you...Those of you who know me well know about the infamous homeless guy who lived in my car for a year.

4....hollywood...Stop making shitty movies!!! Also, trying to make your movies longer to make up for the shitty plot doesn't make the movie any better. If you can't tell a good story within 2 hours...you can't tell a good story...stop trying to excite the public with mediocre special effects and techie tech gadgets for the characters to play with...give me a good plot, some eye candy and a bitchin sound track and then we'll talk. Also I need to see more hot muscle men half naked in movies...300 was a good start, I was hoping there would be a trend to follow that movie and others would put half naked hotties in every movie but that hasn't been the case. Oh and please stop putting british actors in our movies....they have fucked up teeth and I can't understand a word they say.

5....Girls....Stop pretending like you're all freaks in bed...you talk the talk but you don't walk the walk. If you're good in bed you shouldn't have to talk about it...shut the fuck up..the only reason your mouth should be moving is when it's tucked in my crotch or wrapped around my bf's fatty. If you suck in bed you probably shouldn't be throwing yourself on everything that moves as well. Quantity doesn't equal quality ( I guess this can all be said to guys as well but I don't touch those creatures and don't care if they suck or not)

6.....Girls again....If you like cock it's okay to talk about how you like cock with me you don't have to pretend you're a lesbian just to kick it with me. Trust me, I hear stories, see who you're with and it's not girls....you don't have to lie to kick it.

7.....Girls again again....go to the gym...just cause you're 20 doesn't mean you shouldn't be putting in some work. You're going to end up looking just like your mothers so you might as well start doing preventive methods now rather than later...and put the fucking cupcakes down.

8....Smokers.....smoking makes your genitals and assholes smell like duck shit slattered on top of leaves that have been decaying and half eaten by grubs and earth worms who inhabit the soil of a freshly burned down forest ...try eating splenda instead of smoking,it will turn that nasty stench into something of the likes of cotton candy.

That's about it for now but if I can think of anything else, trust me, I wont be quiet about it.

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May 27th, 2008

09:12 am - just a few things

I did a b/g/g/g/a last week. That's right I worked with a guy. LOL. kinda.

I am working on a movie called "Bad news Bitches" and the role I play calls for me to try to persuade Lee Stone to come be an empire for our team when we play against the boys who are trying to steal our playing field. I take Lee back to "my house" where Carolyn Reese and Louisa Lanewood are kissing and licking each other...doing lesbo stuff cause they are sinners like that.

I bring Lee into the room, hand him a dildo hand the other two girls dildos and everyone starts dildo ass fucking each other...it wasn't hard pounding just soft gentle loving ass play. Carolyn is the rookie so I tell her to work on Lee to persuade him to be our empire...she blows him while I strap on and have Louisa blow my plastic dick. I couldn't feel anything but I could tell that Louisa could suck a mean dick and from the noises Lee was making, I could tell that Carolyn could suck a mean dick as well. So lee fucked Carolyn while I fucked Louisa in about 3 different possitions. Lee came all over Carolyn's pretty face while me and Louisa cheered them on..it was adorable. I think it was the first time I've been in a scene where the guy actually came....wow..it was a first for me. I had a great time. Lee was fun and such a gentleman and the two girls were amazing.

In other news. I have started a blog on myfreeimplants.com here's the link:


I'm very serious about getting these titties done and I have decided that I don't want C's any more I am going to go with Ds. So please show your support whether it be in kind email or by sending money to my cause....I appreciate kind of positve support.

Also.....men...you guys need to stop telling everyone how your girls "bitch at you 24/7" it makes you look weak for staying with someone you can't stand..grow some balls and leave the cunt if she makes your life that miserable.

Okay work is picking up a lot...I'm going to be very busy. I am going to be gone for an entire week shooting on location with kink.com.

On June 6 and 7th I will be at Erotica LA so come by and visit me.



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April 21st, 2008

08:44 pm - My weekend

I had a pretty awesome weekend I have to tell you. I did a shoot for Abigale films . I saw a lot of my good friends on set and the entire day was so much fun. I ended up doing 2 scenes. I was hoping I would be able to do a scene with the hot ass director for the day, Anastasia Pierce...but perhaps we are saving that for another day. :)

My first scene was a soft romantic scene with Marriyha. She has an amazing stare when she eats pussy :) The second scene was with 2 girls it was a little bit more funloving, goofy. We all took turns "pleasing" each other. We lost track of time really. We could have gone at it for hours, I'm sure but we got interrupted by the director. heheh. the girls in that scene were the adorable Mina Meow and Giggles ( sorry I dont think she has a website and I can't find her on myspace). So friday was amazing. I fucked 3 girls (grin) it was outstanding. Saturday morning I went to my bf's mom's house to celebrate passover. I memorized the kiddush in hebrew to show respect and they let me say it before we had our wine..it was an honor I must say.

I feel dirty for writing about work and then going to see my bf's mom for passover...some how it just seems wrong....... oh well it's my blog and I'll blog what I want to.

So Sunday morning I had to leave sugar bear's mom's house bright and early to head out to a shoot with Bear Photo The photographer's name is Eric, he was super professional, he picked out an amazing studio and provided really sexy outfits. I was completely impressed with our shoot together. If you check out is modelmayhem profile you might see updates from our shoot sometime soon.

So today I have off as well as tomorrow but tom I'm doing a relaxing detox wrap at Burke Williams, my new favorite spa...Thank you Sugar Bear for the gift card, I am putting it to good use.

OMG and today I got gifts from people in my yahoo group for my birthday. I fucking love you guys. Thank you Charles and Thank you Mike...I'm sending your pix out today.



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10:27 am - Help me boycott
I went to Kushiyu in Tarzana last night and paid the bill in cash, I put 1 hundred dollards billes in the folder. The waitress came back and claimed I only put in 1 hundred. He was my witness and saw me put 2 hundred dollar bills in the folder. However he wanted to pretend like everything was okay so he went ahead and paid with his credit card, after making a statement about how I should never pay in cash. I will not have this problem with this resturant as I will NEVER go there again

Well my friends, I had a lawyer look up the law and evidently if this ever happens to you the law is on your side and you do not have to re-pay the bill like my bf did. The manager would litterally have to sue you to get money from you.

here's what my attorney said about this issue:
Hello and thank you for allowing me to address your legal question.

"The customer doesn’t actually need to do anything. The ball is in the restaurant’s hands. The manager can either accept your story, or he can call the police and/or sue you for civil damages.

Legally speaking, once the payment was in the waitress’s possession, the bill was paid since she is the restaurant’s agent. It doesn’t matter whether she dropped the money, stole the money, or whether another person stole the money. Therefore, I don’t think the police would do much if you have witnesses that will claim that you paid the bill, nor do I think you’d lose in a civil suit. Of course, that’s assuming the restaurant doesn’t have evidence of its own against you.

If the information that I provided was helpful, please remember to ACCEPT my post as that is the only way we experts receive compensation for our work.

Thank you and good luck!"

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August 10th, 2007

01:41 pm - Pool Party-if you're a chick, You're invited
Sunday Pool Party
(Rehab Style)

Date: Sunday, August 26th…
Time: 2:00pm or whenever you get there, til…
Why: Shake up this side of town. If you were here last year, you
know what I mean.
Attire: This is summer time and it’s HOT so this one is Casual.
Remember, this is a pool party. Please bring towel, Clothing optional… 
Drinks: Yes, there will be beer, appetizers, jello shots, Vodka Special Drink, mixers and some alcohol, BUT, if you want a certain type of alcohol, then byob and the bartender will keep it aside…
Shows: I hate normal parties and will do my best to shake this one up… You never know what might happen. Btw. Does anyone have a strap-on?
People: All girls ofcourse are welcome. If you are a guy, please show up with a girl or two. That doesn’t mean two - three guys and 1 girl. If you don’t know one or can’t bring one, then this is probably the wrong party for you…If that is a problem, please contact me first before showing up…

for the Address to this location and to RSVP please email me at ariel@arielx.com

see you there coolies

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February 18th, 2007

10:49 pm - sometimes dating is hard
Dating can take its toll man. Like...when you go on a date with someone and you really really want to fart but you don't really know the person and you don't wanna gross them out too soon so you hold it. Then you get a stomach ache and you start feeling a little ill.
Or if you're use to texting your friends every second of the day but then you meet someone that you actually respect and don't wanna be rude to so you can't text people as much as you want...so you restrain...that's hard...that's really hard.
Or you really wanna do some NASTY stuff in the sac...but like you've only known the person for a good 3 hours and you don't know if you should put 1 or 2 fingers in their ass....that's hard...man....that's hard.
Or your use to watch cartoon network every night while you sleep and you really wanna see Family Guy but the person you are sleeping with doesn't really watch cartoons so you start jonesing bad, then you get home and watch the first 2 seasons of every cartoon you've ever seen...that can mess a chick up man.
Or you're not use to people being nice to you and opening doors for you and being sugar bears to you and your first reaction is to be mean to them for being such a nice person.
The hardest part....by far, is when you start thinking about your "significant other" as more than just a piece of meat and actually start "liking" him/her. You start thinking about them all the time. Every time something funny happens to you the first thing that you want to do is call your person up and tell them about it. Every time you see some morbidly obese person you wanna capture them on your camera and send their image on over to your new buttbuddy so you can both talk shit :) When someone falls off the treadmill at your gym you text your new fuckfriend right away to share the great news. When someone gets stabbed in the face on a bus in Lancaster you immediate have to call you person up and laugh about the permanently disfigured countenance.
I guess it has it's good parts but in the end they all go away and your lose a friend as well as a really really good lay

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January 1st, 2007

06:39 pm - tax time
it's that time of year again. I have to gather all my wonderful receipts and separate them. I've been pretty good about separating them as I got them but I know I have to go through them all. Good shit I tell ya. I'm not too worried about taxes right now. This year may be the first year I don't do my own taxes. I might end up taking them to some bitchbutt to have them take care of them. This year was the first year I actually made money off my investments and junk so ....I don't know how hard paying taxes on them is going to be, though I gather that it won't be too hard....we'll see how pissed off it makes me.

However every time I start to get a little anxious about taxes ( or anything for that matter) I watch this episode of Metalocalypse and it makes my damn day. Check it out and let it make you as happy as it makes me


On the right hand side there is a menu of "fixes" it's the one named "dethclown". But don't stop there...feel free to watch them all because it's pretty much the best thing ever. I can't wait for the first season to come out on DVD.

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